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Dear Judo Family, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, on behalf of the International Judo Federation, I would like to congratulate and express our gratitude to all the women in our Judo Family, on and off the mat, who are contributing day by day to promoting, encouraging and sharing our passion for Judo and its values.

I would like to send my best wishes and regards to all female judoka, coaches, referees, commissioners, staff, directors working with the International Judo Federation, to all female representatives of media, sponsors and partners who support and cherish our sport, as well as to all Judo fans and lovers!

I thank you all for your boundless dedication, hard work, inspiration and enthusiasm. The IJF appreciates, praises and is grateful for your achievements, merits, endeavours, and your invaluable and meaningful contribution to building a better society.

Happy International Women’s Day!

With best regards,

Marius L. Vizer